Franchise Opportunities

Presently there are two types of Capt. Submarine opportunities for Atlantic Canadian investors:

Capt. Submarine Franchise

Larger markets/full time owner/operators. This opportunity is for a full franchise which is ideally suited for a hands on investor looking to own and operate a Capt. Submarine franchise full time. It requires a larger investment than the Xpress opportunity and is more ideally suited to markets with a population base of 10,000 or more.

Capt. Submarine Xpress

Rural markets/add-on to existing retail operation. This opportunity is for an add-on to an existing retail unit. It is not meant to independently support an income. It typically adds profit to an existing retail operation by adding the popular Capt. Submarine brand products to your outlet’s offering. This opportunity often requires utilizing some existing labor resources. Investment costs are lower and sales are typically less than that of a full franchise.

Discover Why Toasted Tastes Great!!!

The Capt. Submarine system is a concept created to provide a distinctive and unique product. A conveyor toaster oven ensures every toasted sub delivers the same high quality level of taste and quality consistently, fresh baked bread, substantial toppings and high quality meats and cheese combine to create a delicious and savoury sub like no other.
Join our crew today. Be part of the winning Capt. Submarine fleet of restaurants. This is a great opportunity to break away and be your own boss with your own Capt. Sub franchise.

Franchise Application

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